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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main causes of damage to a Corian® (solid surface) counter top?
Excessive heat, aggressive impact, certain chemical interaction or improper installation techniques.

Will the repair to my Corian® counter top be invisible?
Most repairs will be inconspicuous, however, on certain colors, repairs may be slightly visible.

Are there any household products (chemicals) I need to avoid getting on my Corian® counter top?
Drain and oven cleaners, nail polish and paint removers and harsh abrasive powdered cleaners.

What products should I use to clean my Corian® counters?
Soap & water, mild spray cleaners and a light colored abrasive pad (Scotch Brite™).

Can chips and cracks in stone counters (granite and marble) be repaired?
Most of the damage can be filled and pigmented to blend in with the stone color, however, the degree of success will depend on the severity of the chip or crack.

Is it possible to change my existing sink to different make & model?
The ability to change out a sink, either in solid surface or stone is controlled by the size of the current sink cut out and the base cabinet compared to the dimensions of the new sink.
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